Regulation for Composer Symposium at Guimarães Clássico Festival

1. **Objective**: The Composer Symposium at Guimarães Clássico Festival aims to provide a platform for emerging composers to showcase their string quartet compositions. Selected composers will have their works performed by the Ensemble in Residence at Guimarães Clássico festival.

2. **Eligibility**: - Composers of all nationalities, including Portuguese nationals, are encouraged to apply. - Submissions must be original compositions for string quartet with a maximum length of 12' - There are no age restrictions for applicants.

3. **Submission Guidelines**: - Composers should submit their compositions electronically to the designated email address by the specified deadline of July 10th. - Submissions must include a PDF score and, if available, a MIDI or audio recording of the composition. - Composers are encouraged to provide a brief description or program notes for their piece. - A non refundable processing fee of €20 to be paid to: Quadrantinfinito Associação IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 53840330001 68 Swift: BBPIPTPL. Banco BPI

4. **Selection Process**: - Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges composed of music professionals and members of the organizing committee. - Selection criteria will include originality, artistic merit, and suitability for performance by the Ensemble in Residence. - Selected composers will be notified via email within a reasonable timeframe after the submission deadline. - Selected composers will be eligible to attend the String quartet workshop as active participants, attend Festival Guimarães Clássico concerts, attend rehearsals and instrumental masterclasses as listeners.

5. **Symposium Details**: - The Composer Symposium will be held as part of the Guimarães Clássico Festival. - Leading composer, Dr. Karl Fiorini, will lead the symposium, providing insights and feedback on the selected compositions. - The Ensemble in Residence will be announced shortly and they will be performing the selected works during the symposium.

6. **Performance Rights**: - Selected composers grant permission for their compositions to be performed by the Ensemble in Residence during the symposium. - Composers retain all rights to their compositions.

7. **Inclusion in Festival Concert**: - The chosen works will be presented in one of the concerts of the Guimarães Clássico Festival, offering composers an opportunity for public performance and exposure.

8. **Travel and Accommodation**: - Accommodation would be provided for but selected composers would need to provide their own travel arrangements

9. **Publication and Recording**: - Recordings of the performances may be made available for promotional purposes by the Guimarães Clássico Festival. - Composers will retain the rights to their compositions and may pursue publication or recording opportunities independently.

10. **Agreement**: - By submitting their compositions, composers agree to comply with the regulations and decisions of the organizing committee. - The organizing committee reserves the right to make changes to the regulations if necessary.

11. **Contact Information**: - For inquiries and submissions, please contact

This regulation outlines the framework for the Composer Symposium at Guimarães Clássico Festival, providing guidelines for submissions, selection process, symposium details, and other relevant information, including the deadline of July 10th for applications, an application fee of €20, and the opportunity for chosen works to be presented in one of the festival concerts.